Gentlemans Pipe Tobacco E-liquid ( Latakia, Burley, Fire Cured)

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Gentleman’s Pipe a gem of a Tobacco blend, Experience a classic Pipe tasting Tobacco E-liquid with hints of Latakia, Burley, Fire Cured notes and Virginia Leaf.

  • Purest 100% Leaf Extract
  • Just add 72 mg Nicotine to achieve Nicotine Strength
  • 2 weeks steeping needed
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This Tobacco Pack Contains:

100 ml Bottle of Tobacco Nicotine Free E-liquid

Nozzle for dripping

How to use your Easy Mix E-liquid for Vaping

Step 1 – Open your bottle of Tobacco E-liquid

Step 2 – Look on the bottle label and find how much Nicotine to add to it

Step 3 – Open up your E-liquid syringe

Step 4 – Insert the Syringe into the Nicotine Base and draw the amount in ML you need

Step 5 – Squirt that 72 MG Nic into the Bottle of  Tobacco E-liquid

Step 6 – Apply the child proof bottle cap and shake really well

Step 7 –  Put the Tobacco E-liquid in a safe place and leave to settle

Step 8 – After around 1 hour, screw on the Bottle Nozzle and prime your coils.

Step 9 – Fill up your E-cigarette Tank and vape away

Check out this video to learn how to mix step by step your Tobacco E-liquid.

How to steep your Tobacco E-liquid

Steeping your Tobacco Vape is very easy and will turn a new mixed E-liquid into a flavourful juice.

Follow these steps:

Step 1 – After you have added your Nicotine/shots to the E-liquid shake really well until bubbles appear in the e-liquid.

Step 2 – Place the bottle of E-liquid in a cool and dark place away from children and pets.

Step 3 – The longer you leave your Tobacco E-liquid the better it will taste.

Step 4 – The E-liquid will change colour and this is normal.

Step 5 – You can vape your E juice at anytime.

Please read or Terms of service.

Bottle Size:

100 ml

E-liquid Mixture:

50%VG 50%PG, 70%VG 30%PG, 60%VG 40%PG, 80%VG 20%PG, 60%PG 30%VG, 100% PG

Add this much Nicotine:

0 mg (0.0 ml of Nicotine), 1 mg (1.4 ml of Nicotine), 2 mg (2.8 ml of Nicotine), 3 mg (4.2 ml of Nicotine), 4 mg (5.6 ml of Nicotine), 5 mg (6.9 ml of Nicotine), 6 mg (8.3 ml of Nicotine), 7 mg (9.7 ml of Nicotine), 8 mg (11.1 ml of Nicotine), 9 mg (12.5 ml of Nicotine), 10 mg (13.9 ml of Nicotine), 12 mg (16.7 ml of Nicotine), 14 mg (19.4 ml of Nicotine), 16 mg (22.1 ml of Nicotine), 18 mg (25.0 ml of Nicotine), Other Strength Needed


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